Growing beyond boundaries in 21st century collaborations

Artists and scientists inherit from their separate academic training and social milieus very different standards for evidence, success, and tenure criteria. This discussion asks how intrepid collaborators who want to cross those disciplinary chasms can navigate such cultural differences to invigorate their research and their field.

A number of panelists focus on the oceans as a research topic and artistic inspiration. Marine biologist Jessie Muhlin of Maine Maritime Academy studies the reproductive ecology and food web of seaweeds in the northwestern Atlantic, and has worked in art-science collaborations using marine algae as inspiration.

UMaine’s Lee Karp-Boss is a Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center Faculty Fellow who studies the ecology of phytoplankton, while Emmanuel Boss is an aquatic physicist who tries to understand how marine creatures interact with the constraints of their physical environment.

All three have collaborated with UMaine’s Gene Felice, a New Media artist and educator who draws on production techniques from ecological sensors to 3D printing to tell stories through interactive installations and video mapping.

Also on the panel is Erin Gee, a composer and artist who creates interactive object-scores, biotechnological performances and digital prints inspired by vocal performance practice and technological otherness.

Exploring the intersection of art and artificial intelligence is a research focus for UMaine’s Sofian Audry, who has just joined the faculty of New Media.

The event is free and open to the public.